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Why does the paint color look different on my walls?

There are several factors that determine how a paint color will look on your walls.


Artificial Light:

Take a look at the lights you have in the room.  How many do you have?  Is it overhead lighting or table lamps? What type of bulbs are you using-LEDs, halogens, incandescent, or fluorescents?  All of these answers will play a part in how the wall color is affected.

Natural Light:

How many windows do you have in the room?  What time of day are you in this room?  What direction is the light entering from these windows?  Different directions (north, east, south, and west) affect the light.

Undertones of the color itself:

There is more to a color than just the name and number.  A grey, for example, can have a purple, blue or green undertone.  We also look at the “temperature” of the color.  Paint will either have a warm tone or a cool tone.

Most importantly is the room itself.  Your flooring, furniture, and accessories will help “pull” your wall color in different directions.


- Karen Pierce, Designer