Moving Day Tips from Newcastle Homes

Moving day is exciting. You're starting a new adventure, putting down roots in a new place. You've been dreaming about the new home you've acquired, and it's fun to see how fresh and different your furniture and pictures look when they're placed in a brand new environment.

But moving day can also be stressful. There's a lot to do, and you want it to run smoothly. Whether you've hired movers or gathered a group of friends and relatives to help you move, what can you do to make moving day a breeze?  #Moving Day

Tip #1
Stay hydrated, pack snacks.

Whether you're working with pros or pals, provide snacks and water for everyone who's helping out. It'll keep their energy up, and it never hurts to inspire some goodwill in the people who are hauling your stuff around.

Tip #2
Check the house for forgotten items.
Make one last walk-through every closet, the attic, the crawl space, the garage, the medicine cabinet, and the drawer under your oven. If you're leaving any furniture behind for the next owners, make sure all the drawers are empty. 

Tip #3
Write down your meter readings. 
When you receive your final bill from your utility companies, verify that the figures match up. 

Tip #4
Have cash, will travel.
Have cash tips of up to $25 per mover ready, along with money for any pizza deliveries, etc. throughout the day. 

Tip #5
Label your boxes on the side, not the top.
When you stack them, you will always be able to see what's inside. 

Tip #6
Get organized. 

Tape names to doors to assist your mover pals or pros.  Sticker dots for bigger pieces of furniture are also handy and easily removable.  

Tip #7
Pack a Kids Go-Bag.
Pack a bag of essentials for each family member: medicines, toiletries and a change of clothes. Keep these handy so you’ll have everything you need for your first night in your new home without digging through boxes.   

Tip #8
Take pictures, make setup easy.
Taking pictures of your electronic hookups so you have a guide to use when you get to your new home.  You'll get wireless routers, stereo, DVR, DVD, and television setup that much faster!

#Moving Day