5 Thanksgiving Wreaths That Make A Grand Entrance

It is officially November which means Thanksgiving decor! We all want to make a good first impression, which starts at the front door. While we all love decking out our dining room tables with huge center pieces, we want to be sure we are creating a warm welcome before they even enter our home. While still be festive, we want to bring seasonal elegance to our front entrace. More earthy tones, simple flower arrangement or modern features can be easy ways to bring a warm welcome to your guests & family this holiday season! 



1. A Berry Wreath at Pottery Barn for $149.00 || If you still want color, this provides a burst of festivities! 




2. Arbor Boxwood Wreath at Amazon for $64.00 || A more traditional, simple green that still gives warmth that can be used year round! 



3. An Autumn Harvest Wreath at Home Depot for $32.00 || If you love a wreath that screamt Thanksgiving, this one may just be for your entry way! 




4. Plum Blosson Wreath at Wayfair for $91.00 || Want more of a fall leave vibe? This wreath is perfect; still giving color but a more earthy finish! 




5.  A Geo Glitter Wreath at West Elm for $21.00 || For all the modern decor ladies & gents, this wreath brings warmth an edgey feel!