June 2018
“Brian and his crew were excellent. The landscape and flooring vendors were great. The cleaning crew were excellent. My wife and I want to thank Newcastle for being attentive to our final one year warranty punch list. We love our home in Hillsboro and look forward to creating life long family memories."   
One Year Home Warranty Homeowner

May 2018

“Virgil and Tim always kept me informed. The entire process was smooth." Shelby Farms Homeowner

April 2018

“My husband and I enjoyed working with Tanesha Pendleton. She took out the time with us and listened to our wants in looking for a new home. She explained and answered our questions. She treated us as if we were part of the family. Her customer service is impeccable.”   Old Cahaba Homeowner

“We had an overall fantastic experience. Kelli and Pam were great on the front end. Anna Beth was personable as well. Jason was very informative and thorough. We couldn't have asked for a better builder than Zac. He didn't only build a great house he was helpful, paid attention to detail and definitely cared. I also do like the punch and warranty process as well as these performance reviews.”    Helena Station Homeowner

“I have visited new communities in the past (with other builders).  What makes Newcastle different?  This is my experience:  On other visits with other companies, the sales people were more concentrated on getting the contract signed quickly.  I walked into a Newcastle home and met Virgil Luger at Shelby Farms.  I asked him for a copy of floor plans.  He asked me what I was looking for in a home.  He showed me the quality work in construction.  When I wanted to get the paperwork and leave, he knew that it was important to show me that Newcastle had the options I was looking for in a new home. It was an easy decision to commit to Newcastle homes.  He truly believes in your company. Thank you for placing someone in that position to take the time to care about what the customer needs.”     B Merchant/Shelby Farms

I love my house and the lot and all the Helena Station residents that I have met have been great people.”    Helena Station Homeowner

“Tim the builder and Virgil the agent were wonderful. They were responsive to my concerns and their availability was very good.”   Shelby Farms Homeowner

March 2018
“Owen was a great asset during our home buying process. Readily available to answer questions and consistently updated us on the progress of our home. Timely follow up.”
  Highland Corners Homeowner

"I would like to thank everyone at Newcastle for being so professional. It’s nice to see that."     Old Cahaba Homeowner

“I must say that y’all have exceeded my expectations with how our warranty claims have been handled and it has shown a high level of excellence in customer service!  Thank you so much for taking such good care of our home and being such an awesome company!”     The Waters Homeowner

February 2018
“We had a great experience. While our house was already built, we loved that we were able to still make some changes!”
    Old Cahaba Homeowner

September 2017
“I love my new home! I am so proud of it. Zac, our builder was fantastic and made sure everything was done before we moved in.”     Old Cahaba Homeowner

August 2017
“Brian our builder was amazing. He had a lot of houses on the ground, but we still felt like he felt ours was important. Hold on to him.”    Hillsboro Homeowner

“Many people asked if this home was designed for me. I love my home, it is well built, spacious with many good features. This is a home that I have dreamed of but couldn't imagine possible.”    New Park Homeowner

June 2017
“Our new home is beautiful, we love it! It is well built and the Newcastle company and employees really care about the product and homes they are building. They are definitely here to please the buyer and make sure the work is completed right the first time.”   Old Cahaba Homeowner

June 2017
“Great neighborhood, nice houses and design. Everyone was friendly.”    Sweetwater Homeowner

“We had a pleasant experience with Newcastle on this home.”   The Arbors Homeowner

“I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how great of an experience we had on Friday with Annabeth Jones at your Design Center.  When we arrived, Annabeth had a large sign welcoming us.  She took us back to the design area, offered us drinks and snacks, spent the next three hours answering every painstaking question I asked (and I ask a lot of questions), and never once made us feel rushed or uncomfortable.  She was incredibly knowledgeable about every phase of the design process, and allowed us to go at our own pace in order to make sure we were making the best decisions.  In today’s business environment largely devoid of good customer service, she nailed it.  From the moment we walked in, until we left three and a half hours later, she represented Newcastle as well as anyone could represent a company.  She really understands her customers and the experience they are going through while there.  She is a wonderful asset to your team. Thanks to Annabeth for making this such a great experience."       
Hillsboro Homeowner

“Everyone who sees our house loves it and has commented how beautiful it is.”     Old Cahaba Homeowner

May 2017
“Since we've moved in it has surpassed our expectations of how much we thought we would enjoy it. I cannot speak highly enough about this house.”    
Carrington Lakes Homeowner

“The quality of our home is great. Our satisfaction level with our new home is A.” 
Carrington Lakes Homeowner

January 2017
“I highly recommend this company to anyone in search of building a house. Thank you to everyone at Newcastle for such a great experience in purchasing my first house!”    
Black Creek Station Homeowner                                    

August 2017

“The Newcastle team has been wonderful and very concerned with satisfaction.”   
Old Cahaba Homeowner

July 2017
"I just wanted to say Thank You very much for getting everything taken care of so quickly.  The items on my list have been resolved.  I appreciate the courteous staff and how professional everyone has been throughout this last year at Newcastle."    
One Year Home Warranty Homeowner

June 2016
“We had a great experience building with Newcastle. Our onsite builder Nick Jones was fantastic. He along with our realtor Karen Carden made the buying and building process so easy.”  Arbors Homeowner

April 2016
“It fit the bill for exactly what we were looking for with design and price. We will definitely continue to recommend Newcastle to others.”   Old Cahaba Homeowner

February 2016
“Our Sales Person was well informed and made me feel that we were the most important customers to her.”     Carrington Lakes Homeowner

January 2016
“I am very pleased with my purchase of a Newcastle Home. I am referring friends and family to move into this neighborhood.”    Old Cahaba Homeowner

“Our home buying experience with Newcastle went above and beyond what we imagined. From start to finish the process was wonderful.”   Sweetwater Homeowner

“We LOVE our home and are very happy with the results of our beautiful Guildford Home Plan!”     Sweetwater Homeowner